Production hasn't even begun and the Gotti biopic has faced a series of hurdles. Director Nick Cassavetes has backed out of the project, critics are blasting the film for portraying mob boss John Gotti Sr. (to be played by John Travolta) in a positive light and then there is the matter of Lindsay Lohan, who is going to cost them an arm and a leg to insure.

Lindsay is rumored to be joining the cast as a young Victoria Gotti. If her recent hair transformation is any indication, Lohan has already gone full method on the role. Lohan is great to garner buzz for a project -- we wouldn't even know a Linda Lovelace biopic was in the works, had Lohan not been attached to the film this time last year -- but actually having her in a movie is an entirely different and expensive prospect. The troubled starlet is going to be a monster to insure. To be hired again, she would need to post her salary as bond, or pay for her own insurance.

Insurance policies are completely subjective. They work by establishing the value of a celebrity to a project, estimating how that will be diminished if the celebrity cannot perform and taking out a policy against that circumstance. The premium paid depends on the celebrity's worth and the risk. Lohan's worth has decreased significantly, but her risk is high. Industry insiders estimate to PopEater that the mob flick would be out $10 million if Lohan needed to be replaced and the liklihood of that happening is high. So her policy would cost between $1 million and $2 million.

It is doable, sure, but worth it?