As Lindsay Lohan awaits trial on a felony theft charge, she has something positive to look forward to in the near future: two possible movie deals.

According to, Hollywood producer Marc Fiore has Lohan in mind for two upcoming movies, one of which is the much-rumored 'Gotti' biopic.

"I want Lindsay to be in 'Gotti' and another movie that I'm producing," said Fiore, who serves as executive producer for 'Gotti: Three Generations.' "She's a great, great actress."

Lohan seems very interested in the role of Victoria Gotti, and even showed up to pose with the real mob daughter at a press event earlier this month.

The second role Fiore would like to see Lohan in is 'Mob Street,' a Wall Street-centered mafia flick written by 'The Usual Suspects' star Chazz Palminteri.