Mariah Carey is sparing no expense when it comes to the nursery for her soon-to-be-born twins.

In a new interview with Life & Style magazine, the songbird showed off her elaborate nursery, which cost a whopping $100,000. Decked out in soft unisex colors, Carey and her husband Nick Cannon infused their personal style within the room, located at their Bel-Air, Calif. mansion, but also dropped a pretty penny on specific items, like a $30,000 crib.

"I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies," Carey explained. "Everything matches, but pieces are individualized to celebrate the twins as separate entities."

The twosome split their time between New York to Los Angeles, but Cannon notes that being on either coast is important for his many jobs, which includes several hosting gigs on both radio and television. "I prefer the East Coast schooling over the West Coast," he said. "But there are other things that come into play, like work." Cannon and Carey have also built a nursery in their New York City apartment, which they also showcased in the magazine.