Petra Nemcova and Chris JericoAnother Tuesday means elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars'. But with each consecutive week, it's getting more challenging to determine which dancer deserves to go the most, and more difficult to say goodbye to the ones leaving us.

This week was a tough one, as one of the early front-runners continued to struggle and even tied for the lowest judges' marks of the week. But it was a three way tie between Ralph Macchio, Petra Nemcova and Kendra Wilkinson. With 22 points for each of them, Kirstie Alley was only one point higher, which means that popular vote from America was more important than ever.

Would Kendra finally pay for getting consistently lower marks, or would America turn on Alleyjust as she turned in an error-free performance? Both Nemcova and Macchio have had the highest marks in previous weeks. Would that be enough to get them a pass?