We have another singing 'Housewife' on our hands, and this time it's a man! Joining Countess LuAnn, Danielle Staub and Kim Zolciak in the Bravo choir, 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Simon van Kempen has gleefully unleashed his debut single, 'I Am Real,' a bass-thumping, synth-heavy dance track filled with defiant lyrics aimed at "cheeky tongue waggers."

"I thought 'I Am Real' is a fun song with lyrics that suit me to a 'T,'" Simon tells me in an exclusive interview. "It's cheeky and catchy and captures my four years on reality TV."

I agree! It's pure fun and the lyrics are a riot, especially, "Gold and diamonds glitter. But the taste is slightly bitter. When wives attack behind my back, they trash me on the Twitter." Listen: