Stephen ColbertHe must really be upset about having to sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' on the Jimmy Fallon show. Stephen Colbert is planning to set sail for the Bermuda Triangle next month, which might be the only place on the planet one can escape the musical stylings of Black.

The Comedy Central talk show host has partnered with Audi in the biennial Charleston Bermuda Race. Colbert will be the boat's "Morale Officer" and will set sail this May 21st on a 65-foot ocean-racing yacht dubbed, "The Audi." This marks Colbert's second time competing in the 777-mile racing event and his first year as Honorary Captain of the Fleet.

"If you're going to win a race, you want to be in an Audi," exclaimed Colbert at an event announcing his partnership on Wednesday. "I tried bolting a mast and sail to an S5 cabriolet and took her for spin on the harbor, and the results were, well...moist! So I decided if I couldn't sail an Audi, I would ask them to sponsor my boat."