Eco-lebrity Amy Smart let it slip during an Earth Lovers event on Thursday that she and HGTV hottie Carter Oosterhouse are very, very newly engaged. It's so fitting that the pair met at a green charity event in November. But that wasn't the only thing she let slip.

At yesterday's eco party, Amy was encouraging her fans to take three-minute showers today as part of the Body Shop's Three Minute Shower Challenge to cut down on water for Earth Day. Yay Earth!

Amy told PopEater that she's pretty quick in the shower to start with (emphasizing her use of the Body Shop's eco-friendly shower gels), but she said that the extreme earth lovers among us will partner up in the shower today.

"I think you could take a shower with your significant other and that would be great, but I probably wouldn't take a shower with just a friend," Smart told us. Wink. Wink.