Bethenny Frankel turned a small business into an empire -- and she owes it all to reality television. The natural chef-turned-reality star has raked in a whopping $120 million thanks to the exposure provided by 'The Real Housewives of New York City' and 'Bethenny Ever After,' according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, Frankel didn't exactly jump at the chance to join the Bravo franchise when producers first approached her. Having previously seen her on the ill-fated 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart,' producers saw reality gold in Frankel's, well, frank personality.

"I was worried it would ruin what I had going," she said about her hesitation to join the show, which debuted in 2008. "I went on the show single-handedly and exclusively for business ... When I went on the show, no one was going on for business, no one had done anything."

Bravo had no problem with Frankel promoting her businesses on 'Housewives.' She wasn't there to attend cocktail parties seven nights a week, she used the opportunity to create her empire.