EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Springer has a lot going on in his life -- 20th anniversary of his talk show, hosting duties of his dating show, 'Baggage' -- but the former big-city mayor always has time to talk politics. When Jerry called to say hi this week, I just had to ask about his fellow TV star Donald Trump, who in the course of a few weeks has become the Republican front-runner to oust President Obama.

"Remember when you were a little kid and a wise guy at the back of the class would shout things out?" Jerry asks. "That's Trump. He makes you laugh and giggle."

The TV legend, 67, tells me that "right now, Trump is enjoyable" and that he's gamely filling the role left by the sudden (and surprising) exit of another media darling. Says Jerry, "Sarah Palin is no longer the flavor of the month, so Trump is."