"Donald has beautiful legs" is not what you expect to hear in an interview with Melania Trump, but that's what I got when I chatted with the stunning model this week about her eponymous line of jewelry and timepieces. Melania certainly loves her billionaire beau, who is flirting with a presidential run and leading in many polls, and shared with me just how she snared him to be her husband.

"It's a little bit of a different story than what you normally hear," she told me about how they first got together. You see, she insisted on getting his personal phone numbers and not the other way around!

"I promised to him, I said we'll see what kind of number you give me. If he would [have] given me a business number, well, I'm not doing business with him," she says. "So he gave me all his numbers, home, business. And I called him, because he gave all the right numbers he was supposed to give me! And I called him and you know, we started dating and had a long courtship."