Forget pounding Long Island iced teas, instead Snooki has been pounding the pavement and shedding the pounds rather than her sobriety.

The reality star guidette has been hitting the gym to tone up her 4'9" frame. She told the mag that just before season one of 'Jersey Shore' hit the tube, she weighed 100 lbs. She soon found that the cast's intense partying would leave its mark on her petite figure.

Recently, according to Snooki's twitter page, she's been putting a little extra "G" in her gym, tan, laundry (GTL) routine. But the pounds don't come off unless you're willing to make some major sacrifices -- as Snooki found out.

She recently tweeted, "as everyone's planning their night at the club, I'm wondering when Golds [Gym] closes lol #motivated." Motivated, indeed -- it looks like hitting the gym rather than hitting the club worked out for this Shore gal -- she recently tweeted a photo of her new svelte frame.