Nick Cannon might not be thinking so clearly, in all the excitement over the imminent birth of his twins! The TV and radio personality was joking around on his morning radio show last week when he ended up giving out his home phone number to listeners.

The 30-year-old hosts a New York City broadcast on WXRK 92.3 NOW, and he blurted out the number only to realize that it may have been a bad idea.

"My wife is going to kill me over this," he tweeted about his oversharing, adding, "Sometimes I get a little too carried away on the radio ... " and another followup, "Just gave out my home phone # on air and my pregnant wife picked up the line OOPS!"

Oops, indeed! Cannon's home was flooded with calls, and one lucky fan even got a chance to speak with Mariah Carey, now in her last trimester of twin pregnancy, when she picked up the phone.