Last time most of us saw Zach Braff, he was zipping through his final wacky days on 'Scrubs.' Now, the actor/filmmaker gets serious in Canadian filmmaker Deborah Chow's award-winning debut feature, 'The High Cost of Living.'

In 'Living,' Braff plays an American in Montreal who deals prescription drugs. After accidentally hitting a pregnant woman with his car, he panics and flees. Wracked with guilt, he befriends his victim, though she doesn't know who he is.

The actor, 36, sat down with our friends at Moviefone to talk about his new role, his enthusiastic fans, and his love for 'Real Genius.'

Can you describe your 'High Cost of Living' character?
He's a horrible person...That's not true. He's a guy who has sort of painted himself into a corner. He's tangled and he needs to hit rock bottom in order to realize it's time to change.

He seems to focus on trying to help those in need with pharmaceuticals, like he's trying to be a "good" drug dealer.
I don't think he's a bad person; he's just in a bad spot. He can rationalize, "Alright, I'm selling meds, I'm not selling crack"....A lot of that stuff, I think, is bull---t. It's just his way of rationalizing, of making himself feel better about what he does. But....there's a good person who's trying to get out.

Many of your characters suffer numbness. In 'Garden State,' for example, your character actually talks about feeling numb. What is it that draws you to these roles?
I don't know, maybe it's me! I like them because they're varying degrees of that, but if there was a theme, it would be people waking up. In my own life, I feel that I get numb to a lot of things, and then a new life experience wakes me up.