Alec Baldwin caused a stir earlier this month by announcing the end of '30 Rock' as we know it. He quickly retracted and made it clear that it was he who was leaving and that he hoped for "five more seasons" of the quirky comedy. One of his costars, Tracy Morgan, tells PopEater that "Alec didn't tell anyone he was leaving" and that as far as he knows the "show is going on." In fact, Tracy reveals '30 Rock,' which just aired its 100th episode, will be headed to syndication in September. We mixed business with pleasure in our free-wheeling chat with Morgan, who talks about the "inspiring" message in his new movie 'Rio,' takes on Donald Trump's latest obsession and then gives a full-throated endorsement for having children when you're young (He's 42. His kids are 26, 24 and 19).

"You've got society telling young boys and girls not to have kids," he says. "I grew up with my kids. I wasn't 50 years-old when I decided to have my child so I can't play because I've got arthritis or we don't listen to the same music, we don't relate ... No, have your children when you're young and grow."