Most fans are accustomed to seeing Chris Evans donning spandex and, this summer, wielding a star-spangled shield as a superhero, but he burst into this year's Tribeca Film Festival as a different kind of hero. In the gritty drama 'Puncture,' Evans stars as Mark Weiss, a lawyer representing a nurse (Vinessa Shaw) infected with AIDS after accidentally puncturing herself with a tainted needle. Based on a true story and directed by brothers Adam and Mark Kassen, 'Puncture' follows Weiss and law partner Paul Danziger's crusade to make safety point needles a standard in hospitals.

Evans, under the guidance of the Kassen brothers, takes on a role fans aren't accustomed to seeing him in. Weiss, a functioning drug addict, has his own personal demons to battle, and the film focuses as much on his evolution as it does on the case.

It was an important film to make for the Kassens, whose parents both work in healthcare professions, as it was for Evans, who proves his real acting mettle in this indie precursor to his upcoming turn in a studio blockbuster. PopEater spoke to the first-time feature directors and Evans about 'Puncture,' drama and being the Captain of America.

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