'Poetry Man' Singer, Phoebe Snow, Dies at 60Bluesy pop singer and songwriter, Phoebe Snow, died Tuesday morning due to complications from a brain hemorrhage, according to the AP. Snow found fame with her 1970s smooth hit, 'Poetry Man' and released her first eponymous record in 1974, for which received a 1975 Grammy nomination for best new artist.

But the soulful singer and guitarist fell out of the spotlight soon after to take care of her disabled daughter -- but not before making her mark on the music industry. Snow was able to merge her folk roots with her soulful, jazzy voice and create classic hits like, 'Love Makes a Woman' and 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.' She also sang the intro tune for the show, 'A Different World.'

The singer's hemorrhage was not an isolated health issue -- Snow also battled numerous blood clots, bouts with pneumonia, congestive heart failure and a stroke.