One the most (deliberately) entertaining nights of the year in Washington D.C., the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner, took place Saturday. 'SNL' star Seth Meyers hosted, but our nation's chief executive stole the show.

This year, President Obama took the mic for some comedy aimed squarely at one of the dinner guests in the room: Donald Trump.

The president didn't waste time suggesting that Trump go waste some time, investigating famous conspiracies -- neatly equating those who doubt his birthplace to those who research Roswell aliens and gripping national mysteries like 'Where are Biggie and Tupac?'

The crowd howled when the president then explained, with a straight face, the ludicrously overwrought decisions Trump made during a steak-themed 'Celebrity Apprentice' episode, and how such issues kept Obama up at night. His message was clear: The notion that hosting 'Apprentice' is comparable to running the country is pretty hilarious.

Have a look at POTUS' punchlines: