From Angelina Jolie's maternal instincts to Madonna's desperate attempt to recapture her youth, PopEater brings you the sartorial successes and big messes from the red carpets of Hollywood with our weekly Fashion Police.

One of the universal dilemmas for wedding guests is what to wear. Can you wear an outfit to more than one wedding in a row? Should you wear black to an afternoon ceremony? Will that hussy cousin of the groom show up wearing the same dress as you and hit on your man? Nerve-wracking to say the least.

So imagine how the Royals must have felt leading up to Will and Kate's grand nuptials this past weekend. Think of the sartorial pressure! With more than 2 billion people around the world watching the event, we figured the Royal family and invited guests would pull out all the stops for the occasion. Some outfits were indeed showstoppers. Others were jaw-droppers (of the bizarre kind). Check out our take on the fashion hits and misses from the Big Day.