Rob Lowe's memoir, 'Stories I Only Tell My Friends,' has just come out and those looking to get the inside dirt on that infamous sex video will be sorely disappointed. Instead they will be thoroughly moved by Lowe's incredible tales about his life and career. Like the time he said goodbye to Robert Wagner, Cary Grant and Prince Rainier of Monaco at a charity dinner only to overhear Wagner tell the others, "Ya know, guys, I think that kid's banged every one of our daughters." The most jaw-dropping story lands at the end of the book when the 47-year-old actor discovers that he was on the same flight as the 9/11 hijackers who used it as a practice run. We got a few minutes with the 'Parks and Community' star, who opened up about his changing politics, his ridiculous track record in the handsome department, his many loves and frayed relationship with long-time buddy, Charlie Sheen.

"I love Charlie deeply, always have," he told PopEater. "I've always wanted him to be healthy, happy and together. But he's doing it his way for better or worse. I say, 'Charlie come my way.' He doesn't want to. (Laughs) To put it mildly, he's not interested."