It was the shot heard round the world more than 20 years ago when it hit newswires that Charlie Sheen had accidentally shot, then, fiancée, Kelly Preston. But now, Sheen is changing his story. According to TMZ, during his live 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth,' show in Vancouver, he said that Preston shot herself.

In fact, Sheen wasn't even in the same room as Preston when the shot was fired, he was downstairs drinking coffee. As the ex-'Two and a Half Men' star tells it, Preston picked up a pair of his pants from which a concealed revolver fell to the bathroom floor and discharged before the bullet or shrapnel ricocheted from the toilet and into Preston.

Quite an intricate story for someone who wasn't there, no? But Sheen says the next thing he knew, Preston was standing at the top of their stairs, naked and covered in blood.