There are memoirs by children of movie stars like the scathing 'Mommie Dearest,' about Joan Crawford, and then there are books like 'Good Stuff,' by Cary Grant's only child, Jennifer Grant. 'Good Stuff' is a loving portrait of her debonair dad who was 62 when she was born and died twenty years later. The star of so many classic movies like 'North by Northwest,' Notorious' and 'His Girl Friday,' was a devoted father who retired to raise his daughter and took endless photos and tape recorded their conversations to set it all in stone. Grant's mother, Dyan Cannon, divorced the screen legend when Jennifer was only a year old and although a bitter divorce and custody battle ensued, clearly they patched up their differences and co-parented their only child with no acrimony.

Jennifer Grant spoke to PopEater about what inspired the wholly uncontroversial book (weird for a star-child memoir, we know), what it was like to have your dad retire from super-stardom to raise you, her befuddlement with rumors Cary was gay and she even lists his few and rare faults.