'Saturday Night Live' fans will have to bid farewell to two memorable characters brought to life by Kristen Wiig. In an interview with Time, the comedienne revealed she's retiring one-note characters Penelope and Gilly from the late-night show.

Wiig told Time it was her decision to put constant one-upper Penelope and troublemaker Gilly to rest and won't bring them back -- even at 'SNL' executive producer Lorne Michaels' request.

Wiig, whose new movie 'Bridesmaids,' opens next week, received high praise from Michaels in the Time article, comparing her some of the show's greatest performers.

"There are two people who arrived fully formed -- her and Dana Carvey -- where you saw what they did in their audition and you put it on the air," Michaels said. "She has that thing that Phil Hartman and Dan Aykroyd had, which is absolute precision, but also this lightness that isn't what they had."
Michaels also recently told the New York Times that Wiig is one of "top three or four" performers in the show's history.