Opting to go it alone is a trend in Hollywood, as stars like January Jones, Sandra Bullock, Minnie Driver, Sheryl Crow and Padma Lakshmi have decided to forego the first comes marriage adage and start families on their own. Hats off to these women for forging their singular futures and having the guts to take matters into their own hands without a Prince Charming in the picture.

But do these Hollywood moms, who have millions of dollars, a full staff and unlimited time off make single motherhood look altogether too easy? Could they influence fans to make a similar decision without the resources to back it up?

"Celebrity moms going the single route are glamorizing and glorifying single motherhood," says Care.com Editor-in-Chief Wendy Sachs. "Their lives are enviable. Their jobs have a built in flexibility. They can nurse babies between takes. They can afford armies of care around the clock and that just isn't the reality for most women. Even though more professional women are having children on their own. It's expensive and exhausting and without lots of support, it can be completely overwhelming."