Some sad news to report from the Decemberists' camp. According to Pitchfork, the band's keyboardist Jenny Conlee has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is expected to miss several upcoming shows in order to undergo treatment.

"The good news is that Jenny caught it early," lead singer Colin Meloy writes. "And while the prognosis is very, very good for a full recovery, tackling the disease will mean some intensive treatment for our Jenny as well as a lot of important recovery time."

The 39-year-old Conlee also wrote from the Decemberists' website, "To be making music with everyone and seeing the fans has helped me to feel more positive and keep my mind off of my diagnosis. But, alas, as the tour winds down, it is time for me to get back to reality. I will try to get into surgery as soon as I can after we return from this leg of the tour so I can begin my recovery. There are still a few unknowns out there concerning my cancer, but I am thinking positive and hope to be back on the road soon. Thanks for all of your support!"