The irrepressible Dick Van Dyke is believe it or not, 85, but he shows no signs of slowing down and has just released a memoir, 'My Lucky Life In And Out Of Show Business.' It's filled with tales about his lustrous career, although the star of his own iconic TV show and films like 'Mary Poppins' tells PopEater in a new interview, "I hesitate to call it a career. I had no goals in mind. I just went with whatever happened." Too modest, Dick, and in his lovely must-read book, the rubber-faced funnyman takes pride in the fact he "stood for something" and "upheld values" with his work.

In our lively chat, the proud great-grandfather of four spoke about his winning fight with the bottle, why he turned down 'Dancing With the Stars,' his distaste for reality TV (on 'Apprentice': "I've never been so bored in my life!"), and the greatness of 'Mary Poppins,' his bad cockney accent notwithstanding.

"I not only wince every time I hear it but every Brit that I run into rakes me over the coals for it," he admits. "I have taken such a kidding all these years -- but I deserve it I must admit."