From biker gangs to a crown of thorns, to say there's a lot going on in Lady Gaga's leaked 'Judas' music video would be an understatement. And although we found ourselves re-watching the video a number of times in order to follow the story line, one thing we picked up on in the first go around was yet another killer Gaga dance sequence -- expertly executed in lingerie and 5-inch stilettos, no less.

Leading up to the video's release ('Judas' is not set to be officially released until tonight's 'American Idol' airing), Lady Gaga's creative director, Laurieann Gibson was vocal about the video's potentially offensive concept. She and Gaga decided to tone down the religious aspects of the video but did they tone it down too much? Gaga just isn't Gaga without a little controversy and we're afraid that 'Judas' may be playing it on the safe side.