American Idol ContestantsIt's down to the wire now on 'American Idol'. With only five contestants left, each of them had two solo performances in the performance show. For most of them, this proved to be a blessing as they were able to nail at least one of their songs.

Haley Reinhart had a shaky start, according to the judges, with an unreleased Lady Gaga song. But she closed the show with an amazing take of 'The House of the Rising Sun.' Scotty opened strong with 'Gone,' but wasn't as strong on his second number.

James lost himself in the emotions a bit in his second number, which could have hurt or helped him with viewers. Lauren held back a bit on 'Unchained Melody' while Jacob floundered a lot on 'No Air.' It's one of the strongest Top Five's in recent memory, so it was anyone's week to lose.