Jerry Seinfeld has been a stand-up comic for over three decades and of course co-creator and star of arguably the greatest sitcom of all time. And today he's debuting his very own website called, you guessed it, It will house hundreds of clips that include the 57-year-old's first network appearance on 'The Tonight Show' in 1981 up to the present day. He told us that a big impetus behind the site was his ten-year-old daughter, "she loves humor. She's listening to a lot of comedy albums on her iPod and so I thought, well there's no comedy albums so how do I keep this stuff out there?" Only three clips a day will be introduced and Seinfeld purposefully chose the spartan look of the website. PopEater was lucky enough to talk to the comic genius and have him make fun of us! It was a sheer delight. Some of our takeaways from the chat: He actually wants to get old ("I don't have that Woody Allen fear of mortality"), regular, non-comedians (like this "dickhead" writer) annoy him and -- hello! -- he can't watch himself on 'Seinfeld.'

"I don't really, in fact I don't at all," he says of watching his show. "I think because as much as I enjoy the humor of it, it kind of reminds me of how hard it was to do. I can't seem to get that part out of my head and just enjoy the show, but I'm working on it because I would like to watch them more. When I watch them, I see my face and I see how I was struggling."