If you throw an egg at Justin Bieber, you're most likely going to get caught. One Australian teen learned this lesson the hard way when he was arrested yesterday for hurling eggs onstage at the teenage pop singer during a concert last week.

According to E! Online, a 17-year-old unidentified teen from Bondi Junction was taken into custody and charged with breaking and entering, trespassing and malicious damage for his actions during a Justin Bieber concert at Acer Arena in Sydney.

Video footage of the incident shows the singer performing onstage when a rowdy concertgoer began throwing raw eggs at him. Though Bieber avoided the messy distraction and continued on with the show, the concert promoters were less than pleased.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, management from the arena went the police after details of the egging incident were posted on a social networking site. The cops were able to track down the teen accused of the egg throwing.