In a deliciously saucy interview with Maxim magazine promoting her latest comedy 'Bad Teacher,' actress Cameron Diaz, 38, blasts marriage as a "dying institution" and claims that when it comes to relationships, "old traditions don't suit our world any long."

We assume that means Cam won't be walking down the aisle with her beau Alex Rodriguez any time soon, but we can't help but wondering whether the lady doth protest too much. Cameron seems to know just how to play the game when it comes to men (she gives a detailed recipe for seduction in her Maxim interview that involves doing something you only did in junior high at least once a day).

We're wondering if all her talk about marriage being so stinko isn't a bit of reverse psychology to tempt the Yankee slugger into a more serious relationship.

"Cameron reminds me of a girl I know who always tells her boyfriend she doesn't want a present for her birthday. That girl DOES want a present, and she wants it to be expensive, and she is going to sulk passive-aggressively for at least two weeks afterward when her boyfriend doesn't read her psychic mind signals. Now, I'm not saying Cameron Diaz is like that chick, but if she is, A-Rod, be ready," says Crushable Editor-in-Chief Lilit Marcus.