Lonely Island, the self-proclaimed makers of "this fake rap sh*t" who've been on a boat, had sex and experimented with boxed gifts, are releasing their second full-length this week in the stylish form of 'Turtleneck & Chain.' Best title ever, or best title ever? PopEater sat down with the trio -- Akiva, Andy and Jorma -- and talked the intricacies of their writing process ("puff puff, pass"), which of them is the Simon Cowell of the group and how they're able to determine what's crap and what's, well, worthy of 'SNL.'

"The cool thing about having three people is one person will be like, 'I saw the funniest thing!' and the other two will be like, 'yeah, no,'" Andy Samberg says. "But our rule is, if two out of three think it's funny, then it's worth pursuing."