John Waters, the fabulously subversive director who brought us Divine, gave Johnny Depp his first big movie break and the original 'Hairspray' has given us another treat: The paperback version of his collection of essays, 'Role Models,' which is just like the title says, a grouping of Waters's favorite role models. We wasted no time asking the directing legend about his most controversial role model, Leslie Van Houten, a Manson girl. Waters argues that Van Houten has "great remorse" for her crimes and should be released. "She should have gone to jail, but she's been in jail for forty years. It's not like nothing happened to her." He says his chapter on her has improved her living conditions in jail, even.

In his extended chat with PopEater, Walters also talked about the success of 'Hairspray,' his shock at how long it's been since Divine's death, whether he thinks 'Glee' has helped the lives of gay teens and why he loves Johnny Mathis so much.