gilbert gottfriedGilbert Gottfried is a comedian who people either love or hate. Recently fired from his job as the voice of the Aflac duck because of jokes he tweeted about the tsunami in Japan, the abrasively voiced comic shows no signs of mellowing. In his new memoir, 'Rubber Balls and Liquor,' he writes sparingly about his personal life but includes lots of behind-the-scenes stories of how he became a stand-up comic.

Explain the title of the book.
You have to say it a few times very fast. It's one of the first dirty jokes that you learn as a kid. It really doesn't make much sense when you think about it. All I can figure out is balls probably means breasts unless you're going out with a transexual.

Are you a bit upset you finished the book before getting fired by Alfac? It's sort of the perfect ending.
I know. It kind of reminds me of those E! Hollywood specials that are done while the person is still alive, like one on Anna Nicole Smith. All of a sudden they had to tack on a new ending with a sentence going, "Oh, she had an overdose and died."