Reversing course to avert a trial, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer entered a no contest plea in the star's grand theft case on Wednesday, a move that may impact her jail sentence and put the star back on course to revitalizing her once-stratospheric career.

Lohan was not required to appear at this hearing in Los Angeles because her charge -- swiping a necklace from a store -- was reduced last month from a felony to a misdemeanor. Judge Stephanie Sautner accepted the plea to a misdemeanor grand theft entered by Lohan's attorney Shawn Holley. Sautner said Lohan will remain on probation until November and must undergo counseling.

A no contest plea does not acknowledge guilt but does stand as a conviction for the actress.

This does not impact the 120-day jail sentence that Sautner laid down on April 22 when she determined Lohan did violate her 2007 probation from a DUI arrest. She spent only a few hours inside after her lawyer Holley filed a notice of appeal the four-month jail sentence for her probation violation. No further action on the appeal was ever taken.