The kicky Keira Knightley can currently be seen in the romantic drama, 'Last Night.' In it she plays Joanna Reed, half of a married couple whose marriage is sorely tested when her husband (Sam Worthington) goes on a business trip and encounters temptation in the voluptuous form of Eva Mendes. Meanwhile, she encounters her own form of temptation in Guillaume Canet, a former lover who reappears. The 26-year-old actress, who first captured hearts in 'Bend It Like Beckham,' talked to PopEater about the Royal Wedding, (we got the impression she's not such a big fan), the viciousness of the British press and what inspired her to jump ship on the 'Pirates' franchise.

"When we were shooting the second one I knew that was going to be it for me," she told us. "I started it at 17 and I finished the last one when I was 22. So that was quite a significant chunk of my life and it was extraordinary but I always knew I didn't want to go back and do another one."