Party-girl pop star Ke$ha made a wild and crazy appearance on 'Conan' last night (May 11), during which she made out with Conan O'Brien's fake beard, talked about her bizarre obsession with quarters and showered the late-night talk show host with some glitter love.

A super bronzed-up and disco glam-looking Ke$ha sat down for an interview with the funnyman and discussed, what else, glitter. The 'Blow' singer proceeded to fire a confetti gun, which she jokingly claimed she carries around in her purse, in Conan's face.

The singer went on to express her disappointment in Conan for shaving his beard, admitting, "I love putting beards in my face and in my mouth." Ke$ha, known for her high comfort level with all things sexy, continued to reveal her intimate fantasies to the host before she eventually slipped in the subject of her music, and showed Conan how to play her favorite instrument.