Marlee Matlin Owes IRS $50,000 in Back TaxesMarlee Matlin may have proven her business savvy on 'Celebrity Apprentice' but she doesn't seem to have her own monetary affairs in order -- the actress owes $50,000 in unpaid 2009 taxes to the IRS, according to People. But she's not skipping out on Uncle Sam, Matlin is devising a plan to pay off her debt to the government.

"I'm paying it back. I'm not shying away from it and I'm certainly not ashamed of it," Matlin told People. "It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It's reality. It's the reality that a lot of people in America are facing."

Although the stigma of being a Hollywood A-lister conjures the image of a certain standard of living, Matlin promises that her previous inability to make good on her taxes has nothing to do with frivolous spending.