Britney Spears mental examAlthough Britney Spears seems to have bounced back from her mentally questionable days, when it comes to her mother's legal battles, the pop star's parents don't think their daughter's noggin is up to snuff to testify, according to Billboard.

Spears' ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, is suing Lynne Spears for defamation -- she wrote in her memoir, 'Through the Storm,' that he was responsible for cutting off her family's communication with their daughter and over-influencing the already vulnerable and deteriorating star in a negative way.

Lutfi and his legal team have asked Spears to testify to the fact that he was not the manipulating force behind the pop queen's breakdown. But Spears' parents believe their daughter is not mentally capable of giving a deposition. But not taking no for an answer, Lutfi has demanded that a judge order Spears to undergo a psychiatric exam to prove her lucidity.