Charlie Sheen has broken his silence about being replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Guess what? It's not profanity-laced! The axed 'Two and a Half Men' star told TMZ that "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!!"

"Enjoy the show America," Sheen said. "Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB." The "2.0" is in reference to the Nielsen demographic rating, which Sheen seems to think will slip now that he's no longer with the show.

"Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton," Sheen told the gossip site in reference to 'Men' creator Chuck Lorre. "There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there."

Sheen's last public communication with Lorre was a letter ripping the executive producer's plans for rebooting 'Men.'