Etta James took to a Riverside, California hospital earlier this week seeking treatment for a possibly dire blood poisoning condition, according to E! Online.

The 'At Last' singer's ailment is called sepsis, a condition that involves the entire body to become inflamed due to infection -- James' sepsis was brought on by a urinary tract infection. The condition can lead to multiple organ failure and death. But now that James is under the hospital's care, she is most likely on a heavy dose of antibiotics and receiving intravenous fluids.

Unfortunately, this latest hospital stint isn't on a short list of James' health issues. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the following year spent time in the hospital for treatment of a similar blood condition. She also, reportedly, suffers from leukemia -- a private fact publicly learned during her husband and son's legal battle to gain access to an unnecessarily large portion of James' vast wealth in order to cover her medical bills.