Julia Roberts can, and is, doing it all these days. She is a successful actress, loving mother and wife, and is aging ever-so-gracefully right in front of our eyes.

The 43-year-old beauty sat down with her 'Larry Crowne' co-star and director, Tom Hanks, for an interview with W magazine and the playful pair came across as real and genuine as one would hope they'd be. The interview and photos capture the charm of these two icons, showing them off as the modern 'old Hollywood.'

In the new issue Hanks talks about writing the role for Roberts, "Yes. I had some teachers who looked like Julia. I would see them and think, I love you. So there was never anyone but Julia. Still, even after she said yes, I was the boss. That meant I got to say, 'You don't wear this dress, you wear that dress.' And Julia's Julia -- she can be intimidating."