This weekend's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' saw the return of that animated favorite, Robert Smigel's 'Ambiguously Gay Duo.'

But for the first time, Ace and Gary morph from (always rather unambiguous) cartoon superstuds to real live-action heroes!

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon suit up as the crimefighters, looking both ludicrous and hot. But mostly ludicrous -- for instance, who knew male nipples could be so functional?

In another twist, the actors we've always heard voicing the animated Ace and Gary -- Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert -- lead the team of live-action villains. As usual, the bad guys (including 'SNL' host Ed Helms) are too ridiculously distracted by sexuality debates to defeat the duo. Meanwhile, Colbert's glasses, bald cap and cranky demeanor lend him an utterly random, yet uncanny resemblance to Larry David. Check out the clip here. And...Action!