Jesse James claims he learned a lot by entering rehab a year ago, when his five-year marriage abruptly ended in a cheating scandal. What he sure didn't learn is discretion -- Sandra Bullock's ex can't seem to stop oversharing in the press, and putting his own motorcycle boot in his mouth.

Days ago, James revealed to PopEater that he apologized to Bullock, and she accepted. But did she also give him the okay to analyze their romance in public, and keep trying to justify his infidelity?

While promoting his memoir, 'American Outlaw,' James seems bent on taking digs at their time together.

"I'm 100 percent to blame," he told Piers Morgan, Friday on CNN, about his cheating. Nevertheless, he expressed relief to be free of the "pretend" Hollywood life he lived while married to Bullock: "I don't know how I survived."

And he made sure to say his new relationship with fiancee Kat Von D is a happier one free of cheating because it's "on a higher level." He declared, "I don't think me and Sandy were ever really friends."

"I was never 100 percent in," he recently told Men's Journal about marrying Bullock, adding, "I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men."

And of course, he famously told Howard Stern that sex is better with his new partner.

Still, is anything more outrageous than an unfaithful spouse calling the betrayed partner's honesty into question?