Boston Rob SurvivorIf it wasn't cemented sometime in the decade since "Boston" Rob Mariano's 'Survivor' debut in season four, he's now a professional reality TV guy.

Moments after winning the $1 million title of 'Sole Survivor' during his fourth shot at playing the game, Boston Rob told PopEater at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC on Sunday night he wouldn't have much time for celebration.

"I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm doing a new show for the History Channel called 'Around the World in 80 Ways,'" Rob said. "Gotta make a dollar, brother."

Making a buck is indeed one of the Rob-father's specialties; he masterminded "Survivor: Redemption Island" to a flawless win and also took home the $100,000 Sprint Fan Favorite prize. Despite all that cash -- and the fact his wife, Amber, won $1 million on "Survivor: All Stars" in 2004 -- Rob won't kick back any time soon.

"After 10 years [in TV], I've learned the production side of things and I'm really interested in that and I wanna get involved in that," he told us.