Anyone familiar with Chelsea Handler knows that she loves to play elaborate practical jokes on her family and friends that are often deliciously malevolent and always hilarious. Now a number of her victims are getting their day to fight back. In her new book, 'Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me,' several of them -- including her brother and dog -- tell their side of the story. Chelsea's defense? "It's not my fault that people are so stupid. I like to tell ridiculous lies about things that are really silly."

We reached Handler on the phone for a chat about her reputation as a loudmouth, how boredom is to blame for her practical jokery, and she offers her realization that she's just not suited to date a "regular Joe Schmo."

"I'd probably chew him up and spit him out," she said about Mr. Schmo. "Although I was doing that before. I'm not easy. I'm difficult to be in a relationship with. I'm not that feminine, I'm kind of a little bit too direct for some men but that's good because those men don't like me anyway so they don't even come near me."