In the past, Cher acknowledged she had a hard time accepting her child's decision to undergo a sex change, and now Chaz Bono tells PopEater he believes his famous mom's reluctance may have been a "generational thing" and that she was not only shocked by his decision but also surprised at how quickly others adapted to it.

"I think she was surprised. I think she didn't expect people to be able to handle it as well as they have," Chaz said. "I really thought that we had come farther than I think my mom did. I think that's probably just a generational thing."

Chaz also talked about his relationship with longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Elia. They've been engaged for a while, but had to put any marriage plans on hold for obvious reasons.

"We've been engaged for about two years now," Chaz said. "So when all this stuff started happening and Jen was in grad school and I had started my transition, we had to table it for a while. So we'll get back into it."