January JonesJanuary Jones is no stranger to the spotlight, and in the June issue of Allure, she opens up about how she deals with the constant media scrutiny.

Jones recently announced she is pregnant with her first child, keeping the identity of the father quiet. This sent the media into a speculation frenzy, and while some may have had a hard time with all of the attention, Jones takes it all in stride. She isn't going to let it distract her from living her life.

While chatting with Allure, Jones shows off her sense of humor, comparing the paparazzi's close watch to "...having really strict parents."

When Jones was spotted getting out of her car last summer wearing the same dress she'd worn the night before, the media had a field day with her whereabouts from the previous night. Jones laughs this off as another misunderstanding saying, "like I'd go from an ocean charity event to some tawdry affair."