Ty Burrell is Phil Dunphy but Phil Dunphy is not Ty Burrell. Or is it the other way around? The man behind one of the most endearing dads on televison -- ever! -- says he's "too neurotic" to be like his befuddled, happy-go-lucky character on 'Modern Family.' But in person (aka, on his crappy phone) the guy is as sweet and charming as his alter-ego, which happens to be the first job he's held onto after a decade of one-off roles, failed sitcoms ('Back to You,' anyone?) and before that, jobs like catering, forest firefighting and no joke, bouncer. Burrell is nothing but grateful to fill your Dunphy fix each week.

"I was never the kind of person with the self esteem saying five years ago, 'Man wait till you people find out what I'm really made of,'" he tells PopEater. "It's more of being in a state of shock that all of a sudden anybody would want to work with me. I'm still so confused."