'I Am Number Four' star Alex Pettyfer is doing some damage control after a recent rant-filled interview which supposedly showed a not-so-nice side of him. Now, the actor is claiming he's "misunderstood" and that he really is a good guy.

In an interview for VMAN magazine, Pettyfer revealed he has a tattoo above his crotch -- but it doesn't say "thank you" as the magazine stated.

"You know everyone thinks it says 'Thank you,'" he told E! Online. So what does it really say?

"It says my name, 'Alex.' It's boring," he said. "He [the writer of the story] said that, not me."

In the VMAN interview, Pettyfer also bashed Los Angeles, reportedly calling it "a s**t hole" and "socially disgusting." Probably not the smarted thing to say about the town that made you famous in the first place.