Leonardo DiCaprio is what some might call a serial monogamist. His relationships actually last longer than most Hollywood marriages, but like all good things in Tinsel Town, they inevitably come to an end.

Of course it hasn't escaped our attention that dear Leo, despite his love of long-term love, is consistently trading in his blondes for new models (literally, new models, save for the latest purported romance with starlet Blake Lively ... who actually does model for Chanel). Before Lars von Trier went on a Nazi rampage that got him kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival, the Danish director said something very astute about men in the film industry: As they get older, they surround themselves with women who are both younger and more scantily clad.

Leo isn't exactly old, but at 36, he is closer to 40 than 30 these days, and he does seem to be living the cliché. Let's take a stroll down DiCaprio memory lane.